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Solar Panels Warranties

Manufacturers’ warranties are an important complement to solar panel efficiency, quality, and durability metrics, because they indicate both technical specifications and business practices. In the unlikely event that a solar panel problem occurs post-installation, a strong warranty ensures that your service and support needs will be covered.

25-year Power-production/Performance warranty

  • The amount of electricity a solar panel can produce declines slightly every year, with the most significant decline happening in the first year. This is typically referred to as “panel degradation.” Many solar panel manufacturers provide a power production warranty guaranteeing that their panels will retain a certain percentage of their production capacity over the first 25 years, usually no less than 80 percent. For this metric, a higher percentage guarantee is preferable to a lower percentage.

  • Manufacturers also often provide a specific guarantee that output will only decline by a certain amount (generally no more than 0.7 percent) in a single year, known as the degradation rate. For this metric, a smaller percentage is better than a larger one.

10 to 12 year Materials warranty

The materials warranty guarantees against failures due to manufacturing defects, durability, and environmental issues. Most solar panel manufacturers guarantee that their panels will not fail for 10 to 12 years as a market-standard.


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